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Must Use Apps for Campervans, Wild Camping and Aires in the UK & Europe

October 2, 2018

Mobile apps make van wild camping so much easier! Most of these are community driven, so if you use them, please share locations to help make these apps / services even better! Or at least comment on locations you use!

Remember the information shared on these apps / services is available to the public, if you want to keep your location private I would recommend not sharing.


The ultimate app for finding places to stay in Europe! Anyone can upload locations and post comments for locations found. It has wild camping, camp sites, aires, even car parks. We found it incredible while on our two-week tour in Europe, we where able to find aires, wild spots and campsites after only 5 minutes on the app.

It also tells you all of the facilities available at each place, e.g if they have showers, toilets, laundry facilities and motorhome disposal areas which is super handy when you’re looking for a place to dump your toilet or grey water.

This is a must have app for UK and Europe, it is easy to use, and I have happily signed up for the paid version as the extra features were worth it while we were in Europe.

This ok in UK, but we find it is not as active or well used within UK compared to Europe. All is not lost though if you use both Park4Night and the service below and you’re covered in the UK!

Park4Night camper van app
Park4Night camper van app

Search for Sites

A great app and website for finding locations within the UK. It works the same as Park4Night but we find it has more UK options. Using both Park4Night and Search for Sites you can find many locations.

They don’t have a normal app as you would find on your app store, so you have to go to the website on your phone and it will guide you through adding the page to your home screen where you can then use the website like an app!

search for site camper van app
search for site camper van app


This app is a great service for finding car park locations throughout the UK. We have a high-top camper van, and since a lot of car parks have height restrictions it’s great that we can look on here and see prices, opening times and any height restrictions. Knowing if a car park has height restrictions makes parking so much easier.

parkopedia mobile app for camper vans
parkopedia mobile app for camper vans

WiFi Map

Good for finding a free WiFi connection, but as always, the data is only as accurate and up to date as the people using and contributing to it. We found a lot of the local ones that we tried near our house were out of date, but I’m sure if you’re in a city or town centre, it would probably show a lot more active ones (from the likes of cafes and restaurants).

wifi map mobile app for camper van
wifi map mobile app for camper van

Where is Public Toilets

Need to find a toilet? Give this a go.

public toilets app camper van
public toilets app camper van

We have further information for camps, stayovers, wild camping and map resources available here!

Got any suggestions or negatives? Post them in the comments below.

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